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Good News for September 15th

September 15th is the Feast of Mary, Our Mother of Sorrow. It follows yesterday's Feast of the Holy Cross when we celebrated Jesus' Triumph over sin and death. The image above depects the Seven Sorrow of Mary, a devotion common throughout the world. There is also a Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows which can be prayed by Christians and can bring special comfort to those going through a period of suffering - check it out!


ATTENTION MEN: ATTEND THIS ON-LINE BIBLE CONFERENCE!!! This event was held in Philadelphia a few years ago and those who attended enjoyed it a great deal. This year it is virtual. Not the best but it can be a real blessing for you! Perhaps we could gather some men at the Parish and watch it? More information HERE. If you might like to attend, email The Parish will pay if you wish to attend (through the generosity of the Martin de Porres Foundation)!

Interested in attending? Contact

Join us for laughter, fellowship, and a chance to be with the Church Family. All are welcome as we sit together and share life on Saturday, September 25th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. The event is BYOE (bring your own everything - a chair, food, drink, games). God delights when His people gather in love and peace! Can you join us? Please complete THIS FORM so that we know who to expect! If you would like to help put the party together, please email

The Women's Conference is BACK (but in a different way). Join women of faith from across the region for a day of prayer and fellowship on Saturday, October 23rd. Women will gather for a Communion Service at 8 am in Church, followed by a Light Breakfast in our School Hall. From 9 am to Noon you will watch videoed talks and have a lively conversations with other women in our School Hall and then have lunch! At 1 pm you will board a bus (or drive on your own) to The Shrine of our Lady of Czestohowa for a Holy Hour and live talk (as well as a chance to visit a great gift shop) and then return around 5 pm. Interested? Want to learn more? Contact or to reserve your spot (space is limited to 26 people on the bus; others will need to drive on their own).

  • September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month. One of the great needs at this time, and often, is for blood. Would you consider being a blood donor? Please consider...

  • Most Catholics know about Father Mychal Judge, the Franciscan Priest who was the 1st casualty on 9-11. Did you know there was another priest who died? He was onboard on the planes that crashed into the towers. Read about Father Grogan! Then read about Father Tom, who was a NY Firefighter who became a priest - in part because of his experiences at Ground Zero!

  • A new law is likely to pass in California that rightly protects the rights of indigenous people. However, in doing so it also attacks the legacy of Saint Junipero Serra. He was a good man who loved the indigenous people but his legacy is now being "canceled". Read an article written by two of California's bishops.

  • The Archdiocese provides news on the local, national and international Church through its website CatholicPhilly. You can sign up to receive a weekly email from them as well. Stay informed!

We are now using our new data system called Church Community Builder. Please watch this message from Fr. Chris and use the instructions below to take the next steps in using this wonderful new system. As always, if you have questions, contact Brandi at

Setting Up Your Church Builder
Download PDF • 1.24MB

In a recent discussion, Father Chris and the Parish Staff were having for a study course, they were challenged to reflect on the VISION and MISSION of St. Raymond. Most organizations have these simple statements that guide the WHY (vision statement) and the WHAT (mission statement) for an organization (business, church, community group, etc.). We have had a Mission Statement (on the front of this bulletin) for years. It has guided us for more than a decade. I believe it needs to be “refreshed” at this point and so does the staff. So we are proposing to you the following (this is very much a first draft and we want to gather lots of feedback from YOU and will in various ways in the weeks to come).

The proposed vision statement will motivate us to be zealous and keep us mindful of why we do what we do it: A Philadelphia that knows loves, and serves Jesus.

The proposed mission statement that will keep us focused on what we are to do (and thus, what we are to not do) is: We exist to introduce people to Jesus so they grow their faith, discover their purpose, and make a difference because, with Jesus, life is better.

What do you think? Write Fr. Chris a note. Give him a call (215-549-3760). Send him an email at or wait for a survey to be emailed next week. Our neighborhood and City have many challenges. There is much work to do. God needs us to do it but before we begin let’s know where we are headed and how we want to get there!

Have you received the Sacrament of Confirmation? Something this sacrament is "missed" for various reasons. Please contact Father Chris at so you can be prepared to receive the Sacrament with others at the Cathedral this November. This is for teens, young adults, and not-so-young adults! Come Holy Spirit!

Join us for our next Bible Study Series as we study a portion of the 150 Psalms - prayers used by our ancestors and Jesus Himself As we face all the challenges of this time, let us imitate the holy women and men of old as we are nourished by God's Word! Sessions are in-person or virtual, Wednesday evenings, September 22 to October 27. Please sign up today!

Faith without works is dead! You do not want faith that is dead, do you? Last Friday a wonderful group from St. Raymond served lunch at Women of Hope. Have you thought about how you might serve others? The goal is two hours a week but youc an start with two hours a month! Here are some possibilities:

Opportunities to Serve at St. Raymond
Download PDF • 276KB

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