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Bethany Ministry, named after the hometown of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus who welcomed Jesus often, assists in making people feel welcome each time they arrive for weekend Masses at St. Raymond. Their roles include saying hello to all, welcoming first-time visitors, ushering people to seats and communion, and assisting in case of emergencies. Of course, it is for everyone at Mass to make those around them feel welcome. While we may need to maintain some social distance, this does not mean we are spiritually or emotionally distant!

We are grateful to Minta Brown who is organizing the Bethany Ministry. If you want to learn more, contact her.

If you have concerns about something you observe, please let a member of the BETHANY Team know your concern. Our church is cleaned regularly and thoroughly with special attention paid to high-traffic areas. If you have questions regarding our protocol, please contact Minta Brown. 

View our Guidelines as we "move out of" the pandemic restrictions.


Join the BETHANY Team.

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