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St. Raymond Digital Ministry will use our knowledge and technical skills as well as our passion for sharing the Good News of Jesus to create, maintain and continuously improve a variety of digital platforms so that those who relate with St. Raymond both in-person and online will be able to grow as disciples of Christ.

Volunteer positions

Video Booth Operator: streams the Mass on Sundays and makes sure that all who worship online can have an engaging worship experience.

Sound Board Operator: maintains high-quality audio by making adjustments as needed to the soundboard for live stream and in-person worship.

Post-Production Assistant: assists with editing, posting, and sharing a video of Mass, homilies, Choir selection, or other content.

Website Editor: helps to keep the parish website updated with information about events, schedules, and new opportunities for community and formation at St. Raymond.

Virtual Host: helps to extend hospitality to those joining us online by greeting, posting song lyrics, and other information to enhance the experience of worship and community.


If you have skills in photography, video production, or editing we would like to hear from you! If you are interested in serving in any of these areas- even if you have limited experience - please contact the digital team or complete this form.

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