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Mr. Kenny Arrington, Director of Music

Kenny joined St. Raymond in 2013 after serving various Churches in the Philadelphia region. Kenny is a music teacher in the Philadelphia School System and founded the Philadelphia Catholic Mass Choir that sang for Pope Francis during his visit to Philadelphia.

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Deacon Bill Bradley

Deacon Bill was ordained a Deacon in 2013 and has served at St. Raymond (where he and his wife Cindy have worshipped since 1973) since ordination. Deacon Bill retired from a career in Financial Services and previously served as the Director of the Office of Black Catholics for the Archdiocese. 

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Ms. Araminta Brown, Pastoral Associate  Discipleship

Minta, a native of Germantown and a convert to the faith while her son was attending a Catholic School, has worshipped at St. Raymond for many years. She joined our staff in 2016 after retiring from a career in accounting.

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Ms. Arleen Daniels, Pastoral Associate
Rel. Education & Social Ministry

Arleen joined the staff in 2012 after serving as a catechist for many years. She spent many years in Human Resources at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.


Mrs. Antoinette Reaves, Pastoral Associate 
Discipleship & Youth Ministry

Toni joined St Raymond’s parish in 1983 with her husband Horace after her father, Deacon Edward Purnell was assigned to serve here. Toni is an educator, author, and lifelong learner with three masters in Theater, Theology, and Educational Leadership.  She is on fire for the Lord and ready to serve the parish with zeal and vision.

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Father Charles Zlock, Pastor

Fr. Charles Zlock was ordained a priest of Jesus Christ for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in 1994.  During his 27 year ministry, he is most proud of two accomplishments:  Being a member of a focus group convened by “Catholic Leadership Institute” to rewrite and publish the “Good Leaders – Good Shepherds" curriculum and  leading 

students to help out in various recovery efforts in Mississippi and New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

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Ms. Brandi Whitehead, Office Manager

Brandi, whose family have been connected to St. Raymond for generations, joined the Parish Staff in 2019. Her joy brightens every phone call and visit to our office.


Deacon Bill Bradley, Deacon Bill has served as Deacon at the Parish since 2013.

Ms. Araminta Brown, Minta directs our efforts in forming disciples through small groups and other outreach events.

Mr. Komlavi Ekouevi, Komlavi works in software development, leads a small group with his wife and has great passion in studying the Catholic Faith.

Mr. Carl Kelley, Carl is a retired Philadelphia Firefighter and adult convert to the faith whose great love for Scripture and ministry to the men of our parish is a blessing for us all.

Mrs. Antoinette ReavesAntoinette directs our efforts in forming young people and families as disciples.

Mr. Ken Morris, Ken works at PGW, leads a small group and is passionate about praying with and for others.

Ms. Joanne Wells, Joanne is a IT Professional who serves on our Parish Choir and brings her desire for excellence alive in our parish liturgies.


Deacon Bill Bradley, Deacon Bill has served as Deacon at the Parish since 2013. 

Ms. Cynthia Brown, Cynthia retired from a career in fundraising and ably assists the parish in being good stewards of our financial resources.

Mrs. Connie Mikell, Connie has been a parishioner for more than 30 years and is retired from the a leadership goal with the Federal Government.  

Mr. Emery Matthews, Emery is a Real Estate Developer who provides expertise with our property maintenance and enhancements.

Mrs. Dawn Chism Simms, Dawn is an attorney for the School District of Philadelphia and offers her wise counsel to the Team for the good of the parish community.

Mr. Rick Lang, Rick is C.I.O. of a large hospital in the area and an adjunct professor of business at Penn State. He joined St. Raymond in 2021 and brings a wealth of knowledge and desire for transparency to our Council. 

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