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Volunteer Teams:


Transform the Parish Hall/School gym into a beautiful and welcoming place that makes all of our guests feel like they are celebrating Christmas. 

Food Prep & Service

Gather starting at 6am to receive and prepare food donations, take shifts working the buffet line keeping the trays filled, or make sure all dishes are washed.


Welcome our guests, show them to a table and make sure they have all they need while they are with us; in addition, sign in volunteers and help keep people’s belongings safe at the coat check.

Blessing Shop

Sort and display all of the gifts and oversee the shopping experience for our guests

Kids Table

Lead our many young guests in playing games, doing arts and crafts, getting manicures and more


Move tables and chairs into place, make sure the floors are clean and the bathrooms are working all throughout the day

Clean Up

Show up at 3pm and help us put things away, clean the space and get back to normal at St. Raymond until next year


To volunteer please email Deacon Bill or complete this form

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