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The night before He died Jesus prayed that all of His followers would remain as one. In His divine wisdom, He knew that in the years that followed, the Church He founded would be splintered and divided. Today, there are now more than 39,000 different Christian Churches. Sadly, this also leads to misunderstandings and misconceptions about what these denominations believe and how they practice. This is especially true of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ throughout His public ministry. The Church specifically says it began the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles and sent them into the world. The Catholic Church has existed continuously since that day in 33 AD.

We welcome all who desire to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. If you have been searching for a spiritual home and would like to explore a journey toward the Catholic Church, St. Raymond is happy to walk with you. You will have the space to ask your questions, you will have a community to pray with and encourage you, you will have a place to call home. Contact Deacon Bill to start a conversation about Christian Initiation.

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