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Good News for October 19th

Dear friends,

As I mentioned at all of the liturgies this weekend, this is a very busy time, and I would like to highlight a few of the upcoming liturgies at St. Raymonds and beyond. We are blessed to have so much activity within our parish community. Thank you for your support, and God Bless you! Bradley's 50th wedding anniversary and Fr. Steve Thorne VisitationThis Weekend, we will welcome Fr. Steve Thorne from the Office for Black Catholics to celebrate our 10 am Mass on Sunday, October 23rd. He will also preside over the vow renewal ceremony for Deacon Bill and Cindy Bradley as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Please join us for refreshments after the Mass!

St. Raymond School Alumni Mass - Sunday, October 30 at 10amPlease join us for the St. Raymond School Alumni Mass. If you are an alum, we would love you to register

Fr. Jeff

Advent Life Groups- Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season! St. Raymond Advent Life Groups meet the weeks of November 13th through December 22nd. Day and evening meetings are held throughout the week at St Raymond and via Zoom. During 90 minutes, experience Jesus through prayer, scripture, and reflection. A more spiritual you is the best gift that can be given! Fliers are available for information, including meeting dates, places, and times. Please register in advance. Contact Minta Brown at 610-329-7256 with any questions.

2022 Advent Small Group Flier
Download PDF • 421KB

Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick:

On the weekend of Nov. 12th and 13th, the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick will be administered at the Saturday 5:00 pm and Sunday 8:00 am and 10:00 am Masses. Parishioners are invited to be anointed who meet the following criteria: a chronic illness (cancer, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, diseases of the heart, lung & kidney etc.) undergoing treatment for a disease/illness or living at a very advanced age. If you qualify and desire to receive this Sacrament, signup sheets are available on the desk in the rear of the church, or you must call the rectory no later than Nov. 7th. No names will be accepted after this date. Should you have any questions, please call Fr. Jeff or Arleen Daniels at 215-549-3760.

You're invited to a Halloween Party for kids 12 and under!!

Please join us Saturday, October 29, from 2 pm-4 pm for Fun, Games, Snacks, and a Costume Parade!!!!

The party will take place in St Raymond School Hall. Please register via this SignUp Genius link - or call the office at 215-549-3760. PLEASE LET US PROMPTLY KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING. YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE. Donations of Halloween treats/candy are also requested. Please make sure they are free of Nuts. Please pick all children up no later than 4 pm


2022 REUNION MASS - 10 AM SUNDAY, 10/30/22


The church recently underwent a $1.6 million revitalization necessitated by a leaking roof. In addition to art and architecture restoration, we're excited to present four new murals of prominent and diverse Catholic figures, four culturally significant depictions of Mary on the nave ceiling, and unveil new Stations of the Cross by local artist Cavin Jones.

The celebration will include a blessing of the church, tours of the revitalized parish interior, and light refreshments. All community members are encouraged to visit. Please feel free to bring along anyone you think would be interested. We look forward to welcoming you!


St. Vincent De Paul Parish

St. Raymond’s School is looking for a Female basketball coach for the Girls' Basketball team. Please call the school at 215-548-1919 if you are interested.

Ms. Gerri Thanks You!

We heard from Ms. Gerri Dennis as she settles into her new home. She is grateful for all the great times she shared at Saint Raymond. She is thankful for the beautiful send-off she received from the parish. Ms. Gerri will continue to keep us in prayer and ask that we do the same for her.



MASS 9AM and 7PM

St. Ignatius of Antioch (50-107) is one of the great bishops of the early Church. He was the successor of St. Peter as Bishop of Antioch. He was condemned to death by wild beasts during the Emperor Trajan's persecution. On his way to Rome, he wrote seven magnificent letters, which we still have today, concerning the Person of Christ, his love for Christ, his desire for martyrdom and on the constitution of the Church and Christian life. His sentiments before his approaching martyrdom are summed in his word in the Communion antiphon, "I am the wheat of Christ, ground by the teeth of beasts to become pure bread."

Feast of Saint Luke, evangelist October 18, 2022

St. Luke came from Antioch and was a practicing physician when he was converted by St. Paul. He attached himself to the Apostle and accompanied him on most of his missionary journeys and was still with him in Rome when St. Paul was in prison awaiting death. We hear no more of him afterward, and nothing is known of his last years. Because of his closeness with St. Paul, Luke acquired information about the life of the early Christian communities, which he recorded in the Acts of the Apostles from St. Paul's teaching and a study of all the traditions of our Lord's life. Luke wrote the third Gospel, which St. Jerome called "Paul's Gospel." To St. Luke's Gospel, we owe most of our knowledge of Christ's childhood and some precious details about our Lady. He also preserved some of the most touching of our Lord's parables, for example, those of the lost sheep and the prodigal son.

Memorial of Saints John de Brébeuf , Isaac Jogues, Priests, and Companions, Martyrs October 19, 2022

Saint Jean: 1593-1649;Saint Isaac Jogues: 1607-1646; Frs. Gabriel Lalemant, Noel Chabanel, Charles Garnier, Anthony Daniel; laymen René Goupil & Jean de Lalande

French priests and laity leave hearth and home to be slaughtered on the edge of nowhere. Deep in the dense and endless forests of Iroquois nation. Saints Jean de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues, and companions, you died far from the comforts of home and family. You accepted sufferings you did not deserve for the greater glory of God. Grant us patience when we are impetuous, endurance when tempted to quit, humility when confronted with ignorance, and physical toughness when the comforts of life are not to be found.

This September represents the 17th annual 40 Days For Life Campaign. On Friday, October 28th, we will pray at Planned Parenthood from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We ask that you donate one hour of your time for prayer. That is it. Please contact Toni Reaves at 215-549-3760. Please stand up for those who have no voice, and we will continue to assist moms who choose life.

Did you move?

Change your email address?

Update your phone number?

Calling All Youth, you are

We are looking for all youth to serve as; Altar servers, Youth choir, Liturgical dancers, Lectors, Church slides, and Live Stream operators. Open to all Youth and Young adults. Call Ms. Toni and or use the sign-up sheet in the back of the church.

Let's bring people back to the pews.

We ask parishioners to sign up to answer a question about their faith and why they worship at St. Raymond. After the interview, we would like to post it on Social Media and play it before Mass.

Can you help?

Does it sound like something you can do?

Call the office and let us know.

( We would like the interviews to air by November 19th)

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