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Good News for February 23rd

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

This weekend Jesus reminds us to have good guides in our spiritual life (do not follow a blind guide) and that he wants there to be GOOD fruit from GOOD trees. If you were to die today, what "fruit" would God delight in from your life?


NEED INFORMATION ON COVID TESTING AND COVID VACCINES? Please note that vaccines are no longer offered every Friday (but they will be available this Friday - Feb. 25th). Please call the Parish Office for details.

We will be praying the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Mother before Masses throughout Lent. We are in need of people to assist in leading the Rosary. Can you sign up to help? For more information, contact Richara at

As a community of faith, we hold each other in prayer each day...

  • FOR THOSE WHO ARE SICK: Deacon Bill (who is recovering well at home) Hazel Scott (who suffered a stroke last week), Dolores, Marjorie, Billy, Patricia, and all who are sick with COVID or struggling with mental illness

  • FOR THOSE WHO ARE GRIEVING: The family of Hank Alston, and those grieving a loved one who died in recent months, and those who lost someone to the violence in our City.

  • FOR SPECIAL NEEDS: that we find housing for Feenie, a single mom from Haiti who is pregnant and has two children (she is currently seeking asylum status in USA); for Shonda to find an apartment, for peace in Ukraine, for young families who are without a Church Home; for those who have not yet signed up for a Life Group (but God wants them in one this Lent).

  • Please bring your palm from last year to Church over the next few weekends so it can be burned to make the ashes you will receive on March 2nd (we will have services at 8 am, 10:30 am, and 7 pm).

  • You will never believe what became of Saint Maximilian Kolbe's BEARD!

  • The people of Ukraine have known suffering for much of their history. Watch this amazing documentary and read this article

  • Paige will be selling Girl Scout Cookies this weekend at the 10am Mass ONLY (she sold out before the 10 am Mass last weekend). $4 per box.

  • Our parish has had a Food Pantry for decades. We make food available to those who are in need of a blessing. For varied reasons, those coming to the Pantry has been very low. Can you help us spread the word that we are open Thursday from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm each week? We have available a wide variety of canned goods and boxed foods. We want to help. We know there are needs. Please spread the word and help us help others.

  • Archbishop Perez is launching a renewed effort to build all Catholics into Missionary Disciples! Watch this video introduction (you will see a familiar face in the video too - it is not Fr Chris either)

  • Want some time to prayerfully reflect on your marriage? Join Father Chris and couples from across the diocese on April 2nd at Cardinal O'Hara HS in Springfield. Learn more.

  • The Philadelphia Catholic Charities Appeal has started. Learn more and pledge your support.

  • Check out CatholicPhilly. You can sign up to receive a weekly email from them as well. Stay informed!

  • St. Peter Church in Chester County is offering a Day of Reflection and Formation on Transgenderism. This topic is not going away and requires Christians to embrace the truth fully and seek to share it with their family and friend. The day is FREE and will be well worth your time. Learn more...

Download PDF • 1.63MB

How will the month of February enrich your knowledge of Black History (in the world, our nation, our city, our neighborhood? There is much to learn and much to share. What is your plan?

  • Watch Connie McCalls' Intro Video and Week Two Reflection and Week Three Reflection on Black Catholic History in Philadelphia.

  • Watch our 4th thru 8th grade students in our annual Legacy of Pride show this Thursday (tomorrow) at 1pm.

  • THIS FRIDAY, February 25th at 10 am we will have a presentation from Mr. Sam Still who has two notable relatives: William Still (1821-1902) who is known as the "Father of the Underground Railroad" and William's brother James Still who is known was known as the “Black Doctor of the Pines” in New Jersey. The program is in our Church, for our School, but all of the parish is most welcome and encouraged to attend. The school’s Legacy of Pride event will be live-streamed on Feb. 24th at 1 pm.

  • See events sponsored by Phila.'s Office of Black Catholics

  • There are things to do in Philadelphia too - LEARN MORE. The Free Library has a full calendar too!

  • Sign up for the Sisters of Mercy Lenten Series on Becoming Anti-Racist through various Lenten Experiences.

Life Groups are open to parishioners, family, and friends (pretty much anyone). If you have never joined a Saint Raymond Life/Small Group, now is the time! 90 minutes + once a week + for seven weeks = a new relationship with Jesus and others. What are the next steps? Pick up a flyer from the back of the Church and look over the different groups. Then make a phone call to the Life Group Leader to save your spot at the table (or on the couch). YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE TO ENSURE YOUR PLACE AT THE TABLE. Want to know more? Call Minta Brown 610-329-7256 or email More information on this handout:

2022 Lenten Small Group Flyer
Download PDF • 200KB

Deb Gawthrop will host an IN-PERSON Grief Support Group at St. Luke Chapel House (2330 Fairhill Road, Glenside. The series has been a blessing for many people from St. Raymond. Call 215-624-8190 to save your place. Topics are: Tasks of Grief (March 29); Dealing with Special Days (April 12); Physical Symptoms of Grief (April 26); Grief & Family (May 10); Myths about Grief (May 24) & Does Grief End? (June 7). Invite a friend!

Craig Collier has been involved with the music ministry at St. Raymond for 17 years. With a group of others, he began the “Third Sunday Singers” which eventually became the “Praise Choir”. His amazing voice, robust laugh, and love for leading the congregation in joyful worship have been a hallmark of the experience of Holy Mass at St. Raymond. Sadly, Craig has had some health problems in the past year that required surgery on his throat. A side effect of the surgery is his inability to sing in the way that he once did. You can imagine what a heartache this is for someone who has been singing since childhood. Craig has decided to retire from leading the Praise Choir. He will discern where he will use his gifts in service to the Church Family. We are grateful to Craig for his goodness. We ask you to join in praying for his complete healing and the restoration of his voice (all things are possible with God).

Last year, Pope Francis called for the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. Learn more about the Synod and what it will "look like" in Philadelphia HERE. THERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE CHURCH AND WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE CHANGED IN THE CHURCH. If you want to participate at the diocesan level... St. Malachy Church (near Temple) will host a listening session on Saturday, April 2nd (9 am to 11 am). Please REGISTER. For a full list of Regional Sessions (including in other languages) CLICK HERE. Richara will lead a session on Sunday, April 3rd from 5 pm to 7 pm at Mary, Mother of the Redeemer in North Wales. If you want to participate at St. Raymond... our parish will have our own listening session once we have the results of the Disciple Maker Index (DMI) in June and we are able to collate the feedback from all of you which will be submitted throughout Lent (you can share your thoughts on paper, electronically as well as in Life Groups).

MARK YOUR CALENDARS - YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW. The life of Servant of God Father Augustine Tolton is inspiring to everyone who learns it! One of the ways people can encounter the amazing story of his life is through a "one-man" play that has been touring the nation for years. Many from our parish saw the play a few years ago at LaSalle University. The play is coming back! Join us Sunday, February 27th at 7 pm at Our Mother of Consolation Church in Chestnut Hill. NEW ADDITION: The play can also be seen on Thursday, Feb. 24th at 1:30 pm at Holy Martyrs Church in Oreland, PA.

This is probably as accurate as we get on the news...right?

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