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Good News for April 19th

It's Easter. You got through Lent. Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. You’re so holy now. So how do you plan on keeping the momentum after Lent? Remember Lent? It wasn’t that long ago. You prayed (every day, right?) You went to Confession.. at least once a week. At least once? At all? Fasting. I HOPE you at least did that…. You know, the whole “What I gave up for Lent” thing. Almsgiving. How much more did you put into the collection basket each week? Or, how about this? Consider the money you did not spend because you were fasting from something. Where did you put that money to further the Kingdom of God? Regardless, Easter is not a season of stopping. It's the season of starting. It is about new beginnings. The spiritual discipline is not the time to engage in the bacchanalian, glutinous indulgence of what you gave up. So what do you do during this new season? Matthew Kelly is a partner at Floyd Consulting, a Chicago-based management-consulting firm. His clients include Pepsi, Procter and Gamble, FedEx, the U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force. He is also a dedicated Roman Catholic (full disclosure, he admits that he wasn’t always that way). For years he watched priests, parishes, and people flounder in their faith. So he founded The Dynamic Catholic Institute. This is a Cincinnati-based nonprofit organization. Their mission is to re-energize the Catholic Church in America. They develop world-class resources that inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism. 4 million people have attended his seminars and presentations in more than 50 countries. His mantra is “Become the-best-version-of-yourself.” One tool is his “Have Your Best Lent Ever.” It uses a series of videos, books, and daily reflections. These guide people to small, daily, spiritual practices. They help people take their Lenten practice to a higher, more international level. A recent video of Matthew’s offered an Easter challenge. He asked people to continue the spiritual momentum they achieved during Lent. So how are you doing that? St. Raymond sponsors “Life Groups” during Lent and Advent. Araminta Brown is the driving, organizing, and motivational force behind this. It’s very impressive. Close to 15 small groups meet between 4 - 6 times during each liturgical season. There are about 5 - 10 people in each group. That’s over 75 people taking their relationship with Jesus Christ seriously. This Lent we focused on the Eucharist. I was aware of other people quietly doing other practices: extra prayer time. Attending daily Mass. Devotions. Adoration/Benediction. Visiting the Shrine. Now what? Take that to prayer. Dynamic Catholic has some ideas. There’s Focus - an online resource open to all parishioners. There is the Augustine Institute. You can watch a few episodes of “The Chosen” video series. There are lots of choices to help you become the "Best Easter version of yourself." It’s about keeping up the spiritual momentum. Ask the Holy Spirit. Take the first step. Fr. Charles


On the weekend of May 20th and 21st, the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick will be administered on Saturday at 5:00 pm and Sunday, at 8:00 am and 10:00 am. Parishioners are invited to be anointed who meet the following criteria: dealing with a chronic illness (cancer, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, diseases of the heart, lung & kidney, etc.) undergoing treatment for a disease/illness, or living at a very advanced age. If you qualify on the desk in the rear of the church or you must call the rectory no later than May 15th. No names will be accepted after this date. Should you have any questions please call Arleen Daniels at 215-549-3760 or email her at


Attention Eucharistic Ministers.

Please return any Pyx’s that you have.

We seem to be missing them.


On April 29th and April 30th, we will have our Monthly Prayer Team after Mass

  • Special Collection Envelopes

  • 5/7 First Holy Communion

  • 5/14 Catholic Home Missions

What's Happening in May

  • 5/7 First Holy Communion

  • 5/14 Mother's Day

  • 5/18 Ascension Thursday

  • 5/20 and 5/21 Anointing of the Sick.

  • 5/21 Hospitality Sunday after the 10 am Mass

  • 5/28 Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost party after 10 am mass.


Opportunities to Reflect, Renew & Restore

Cranaleith Spiritual Center, 13475 Proctor Rd, Phila. Pa 19116

Gaelic for “sanctuary of trees,” Cranaleith offers serene and rejuvenating space to those who wish to reflect on what matters deeply in their lives, renew their spirit for life and work, or restore themselves from life’s traumas. Individuals and groups are invited to participate in retreats and other programs offered in a spirit-rekindling environment of well-being, respect, and harmony. Cranaleith is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Mercy. For program, information log on to,



As more people have returned to in-person mass, we’ve had lots of questions about joining the choir at St Raymond. If you’d like to become a part of this amazing ministry, please reach out to our Director of Music, Kenny Arrington, at so that he can set up a time to meet and conduct a voice assessment to determine where your voice may fit. We’re looking for people who are moved to Praise God through song, are humble, patient, and able to commit to attending weekly practices and singing for our 10:00 mass.



Congress XIII (2023)

Announcing the Congress Theme

“Write the Vision: A Prophetic Call to Thrive”

July 20-23, 2023

The Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

201 Waterfront Street, National Harbor, MD 20745


Friends of Bishop McDevitt will again be offering a limited number of $1000 grants to grade school students who are related to a graduate of Bishop McDevitt High School. These grants may be used at any Catholic high school, private or diocesan. #LancersForLife


St. Malachy’s Catholic Church

1429 N. 11th St Phila. Pa 19122

Presents “The Source” Holy Hour with Music

Come, Receive The Lord’s Mercy & Healing

Confessions are Available at 6:30 pm

On the following Date:

May 20th

Social to follow.



Archbishop’s Texting Challenge - Sign Up now!


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