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Prayer Intention 


Date Submitted

April 23, 2023 at 7:41:21 PM

My husband had an affair. The lady used evil black magic to make him leave me and our two kids, twice. And she’s doing it again. My husband and I have been fighting so much because of the evil. Please cleanse my husband Dennis bagay from all evil and protect him from it. This lady is pure evil, manipulative, controlling, selfish, and has constantly been trying to take my husband away. Please make my husband end everything with her, her family, and friends completely. Make my husband stop being so mean to me and bringing up the past and using hurtful words to me. Help him to realize the pain and suffering he caused me and our marriage. Help him to realize that he would be lost without me and he never wants to lose me. Please help my husband, my marriage, my family.

Thank you for lighting a candle and sending your prayer so we can pray for you. Your name will be added to our candle gallery. Please consider making an offering to support the Ministry of St Raymond of Penafor Parish.

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