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“I grew up Catholic. I went to Catholic school. I stopped going to Mass when I was out of high school. For many years I told people I was a Christian even though I only went to Church at Christmas and Easter with my family. After my son was born, I knew I needed to look into faith more seriously because I knew there was an expectation that I get him baptized. Someone suggested that I visit St. Raymond, and I am grateful I listened to them. I went to Mass online for months before I ever called the Pastor. I am happy to say that he listened to my concerns as we talked through who God is and why we need a Church. I still have a lot to learn, but know that I am in a Church family where that can happen.  


If you're not sure what you believe, know that you are welcome here. This is a Church that will explain the faith, will explain the Bible and the teachings of the Church in a way you can understand." - Micah

Not Sure what I believe
I am a single parent
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"Being a single parent is tough. I have too much to do and never enough time. At St. Raymond I found a community of people willing to sit with my child during Mass, willing to give me tips and encouragement, willing to help me when I need childcare in a pinch. The Church family at St. Raymond helps me to know that I do not walk alone and this makes all the difference in my life and in my daughter's life…" - Jamila


Children & Youth 

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I striggle with depression an anxiety


"Since my teens I have struggled with depression and anxiety off and on. I have a therapist I talk to at times. I have “self-medicated” at times too (which I do not recommend). When I got more serious about bringing my anxiety and the things that hurt me in the past to prayer (and sometimes confession), it made a difference. At St. Raymond, there is no stigma about depression and anxiety: it is talked about by people, it is included in the prayers and the Pastor will even preach about it. I realized I am not the only one struggling. I also love to receive prayer from the Prayer Teams. Don’t struggle alone, let us walk with you." -Marcy



"My nephew is gay and married to his partner. Two of my kids lived with their girlfriends before they got married. I just knew that everyone was doing it and it seemed normal. It was only after a few bible studies and lots of conversations that I began to see that there was a reason for God’s plan. If you think what the Church teaches about sex is old fashioned or even hateful, I know where you are coming from. Please at least be open to trying to understand what the Bible says, and that God has a plan for every part of our life, including our sex life. Even with all of your questions you are welcome at St. Raymond."

I disagree
Hurt by the church


"I was very active in a parish for years when my kids were young, including being elected the Treasurer of a group in the Church. I noticed some inconsistencies in the accounts when I took over and brought it to the Pastor. It turned out I was not supposed to notice or ask questions. Before I knew it he painted the picture that I was the bad guy and before I knew it my reputation was ruined and people were looking at my wife and I with a side eye! With God as my witness I know I did nothing wrong. I left that Church and did not enter a Catholic Church (or any Church) for 23 years. I came to St. Raymond for a family funeral. It felt different. My wife and I wanted a Church Home. The Pastor is approachable. We can raise questions about money or anything else and they are taken seriously. I feel appreciated and heard. Don't let some fool’s behavior towards you at some Church keep you from loving the Lord!" -Deon

after abortion
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"Michael and I dated in high school and we both went away for college. We reconnected in sophomore year over Christmas. Things happened and I was pregnant. We both knew that this was not going to work for us so I had an abortion. Honestly, I never thought about for years until after I got married and had two kids. All of a sudden I was thinking about the abortion. It messed with my head. I told a friend who I knew had also had one in college. She listened. We cried. Then she told me about a retreat she went on that helped her with healing her memories. It was more than I could have imagined. It was through the retreat that I heard about St. Raymond and I returned to Church after years away. God loves you. God wants to forgive you and help you forgive yourself. You are welcome at St. Raymond and this Church Family will be a blessing for you as they are for me." -Luc

fit in


"I am a loner. I worked from home long before COVID. I go on vacations alone. I am not lonely. I have friends. I just really like being alone most of the time. I stayed away from Churches for years because people always want to get me involved in things. I just wanted to go to Church on Sunday Morning and go home. When I met Deacon Bill at a funeral I told him this and he surprised me when he said, 'Fine, we will let you do that!' And they did (and still do). I go to some stuff but not much but I still feel very much a part of St. Raymond. Come as you are...they let you be you!" -Darren

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"I got sober when I was 38.  Thank God for AA.  I worked the steps and had a good relationship with my 'higher power'.  My life was very good.  After a few years I became friends with a guy at my regular meeting who was a member of St. Raymond. The way he talked about the Church made me curious. I had not been in Church in years. I joined him once Sunday and I have been back almost every Sunday. I now know my higher power in a personal way. If you are struggling with addiction, please find a 12 step program and at the same time join me a St. Raymond this Sunday period.  With AA and the Church you will find what you need." - Tina

do not get much
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"I grew up going to church with my mom and grandmother. When I was in college I stopped going and never really came back because it never did anything for me. The music was nice. Sermons were okay but they did not make a difference in my life. When my son started attending St. Raymond School, he wanted to go to Church. I came off and on for a few years until I joined. I love that St. Raymond gives me a sense of purpose and meaning. Life is not just about going to work, going on vacation, and then dying. I am part of something bigger than myself. The Church's teachings and my Small Group pull me out of myself and make me want to a better man. Through this Church, I have gained a greater sense of purpose which I love (and so does my wife)!" -Keith

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